Holiday Parade of Homes

ZaCSA put together a wonderful Parade of Homes this year.  Each person on the tour received a hand painted watercolor card from Tanya Richey.

Parade of Homes card
Parade of Homes commemorative card.

Merry Christmas from Camp Zama to friends around the world!

Santa over Zama
Line drawing for this year’s Santa card.
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Santa over Camp Zama

Hotei God of Abundance and Luck

TANYA-LAPTOP - PhotoScanHoteiOne of the seven Shinto lucky Gods.  Rub  his belly for good luck.

I identify with Hotei we both have big bellies and he is the god of restaurants and bartenders both of which I like a lot.

This statue sits on the back porch amid small pots of parsley, rosemary, flowers and rocks.  The weather is getting warmer here in Zama, Japan. Feels good.

I used my shado brush and ink over a watercolor wash. A new combination.  The zengo (zen statement) inspiration was Shiru Ki Sore Kami (Ki O Shiru Wa Kami) “Know Timing Is God”  Japanese.  We are a part of and are influenced by everything around us in our daily life.  This is what I am endeavoring to do, draw, paint,  express in words a new environment embracing the tools and ideas around me.

Todays Myku (a haiku of my mind)

Parsley, rosemary

Smiling Buddha among rocks

Happy in the sun                  Myku 74TANYA-LAPTOP - Hotei pen and ink