The way of Art is the way of the Buddha

TANYA-LAPTOP - Zengo gei do kore butsu doA zengo is a one line statement from Zen philosophy.

Shodo is the Japanese art of calligraphy.

Haiku is poetry based on three lines of 5-7-5 syllables

Being a visual artist living in Japan I am exploring  these three Japanese elements and my painting.  My morning routine is to read a zengo, paint, practice shodo of the zengo and compose what I call a ” Myku ” from thoughts that drift into my head and reaction to the elements about me.  I am not striving  to be classical but to experience these things leaving a manifestation of the process.

The zengo I am currently using come from “Shodo, the quiet art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy” by Shozo Sato.

TANYA-LAPTOP - PhotoScanshodo gei do kore butsu do

Gei Do Kore Butsu Do, “The way of Art Is the Way of the Buddha”

Clouds crawl over Truth,     I Art therefore I am Me,     Sitting in the sunshine  Myku 64